Taco Street Locating

A letter from Alex

I moved to Austin in 2015. Since then I’ve been on a mission to find the best food, drinks and things to do in Austin. I’ve developed some strong opinions. After helping hundreds of people move here, I found myself repeating the same recommendations over and over. Get tacos here, look at this apartment, go do this, get drinks here, take your parents there. 

Then I had a crazy idea. What if I could put my brain….on a map. One with all of my recommendations and opinions in one place. So that’s what I did. I spent months compiling and dumping everything I know about Austin in one map. 

What you’ll find here isn’t your typical click-baity “Best of Austin” map. This is my map. Everything you’ll see here is how I experience and love Austin. I hope you have as much fun exploring it as I’ve had living it.

- Alexander Concepcion

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